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Protecting Your Family with Legal Help in California

Gabbard Family Law understands how difficult it can be to face a family law problem. These legal issues are some of the most personal, sensitive, and challenging to resolve. They are often fraught with emotional weight, sometimes to the point where you may feel you will never be able to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

At such a time, when your personal life has become a tangled legal matter, the best action you can take is to find a family law attorney that will treat you like the unique person you are.

Legal Advice From

Experienced Family Law Attorney

Consequences in a divorce or any other family law matter can last indefinitely or for a lifetime. That is why you need experienced legal guidance. This family law strategist can help you avoid pitfalls and secure more optimum results. Gabbard Family Law can help you navigate technically complex legal matters, negotiate for a better settlement, and provide seasoned legal advocacy and representation in court.

The Los Angeles family law attorney at this office is dedicated to providing you with practical and strategic legal representation with an emphasis on a personalized, human, and caring approach. Passion and concern is brought to your case because client service and satisfaction matters.


Dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership.

Hague Abduction

Wrongful removal or retention of minor children outside their place of habitual residence.

Family Law Appeals

Review by a higher court of errors in the trial court proceedings.

Practical Solutions and Guidance

At Gabbard Family Law, our Los Angeles family lawyer is here to provide you with the sound legal advice you need as you move forward through your family law proceedings.

It is vital for you to fully understand the issues you face and the ramifications of each decision. Having the support and help you need to take the right steps forward is equally important. This family law firm is here to help you find practical solutions to your issues while providing reassurance and guidance throughout the process.

Practice Areas

Family Law Matters That Are Handle

Gabbard Family Law handles most family law matters in Los Angeles County and throughout California, no matter how complex or difficult they may seem. With over 13 years of experience under my belt and being a Board-Certified Family Law Specialist by the California State Bar, this Los Angeles family lawyer is well-equipped to help bring your divorce or other legal dispute to the best possible conclusion. 

Family law issues can include:


Child custody

Child support

Interstate and international child abduction

Co-parenting issues


Presumed parentage



High-asset divorce

Spousal support


Prenuptial agreements

Domestic violence

Temporary restraining orders

Family law appeals

Retaining a Family Law Attorney

Questions to Ask a Family Law Attorney

Before your initial consultation, it’s important to brainstorm what ideas you want to address. Whether your consultation is over the phone, via Zoom, or in person, you will want to ask at least a few of the following questions so that your goals and desires are met:

What is your approach?

Attorneys generally have their own ways of approaching family law matters. It’s important that their unique approach not only addresses your concerns but aligns with your expectations.

What are the options I have?

An experienced lawyer will always be able to lay out your legal options which highlight the entire picture. This Los Angeles family attorney leaves no stone left unturned and provide you with long-lasting guidance.

Can you work with my budget?

Aside from attorney costs, there are also court filing fees involving multiple documents. It’s critical to find a lawyer in Los Angeles that works with you financially and can help the divorce process move more efficiently.

How do you communicate with me along the way?

Knowing when your attorney will respond to your emails, calls, or texts is essential when deciding to retain legal representation. This office understands that consistent communication is critical in your case, which is why this family law attorney will make himself available when you need it most.

No matter how difficult your divorce or family law issue may be, you can rely on the knowledge, skills, and resources of Gabbard Family Law. Call today for legal help in California.