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Understanding Your California Divorce Case

If you are in the midst of a divorce or legal separation, you are likely experiencing uncertainty about the future and the impact your divorce will have on your family relationships. Divorce and legal separation can also create disagreements over the division of property, custody of children, and the amount of child support or spousal support that will be required. These issues can be extremely difficult to navigate during the emotionally-charged process of divorce. Having the support, advocacy, and counsel of a trusted legal professional will never be more important than during this sensitive and personal legal matter.

At Gabbard Family Law, an experienced attorney will walk you through the divorce process. This office provides responsive legal services tailored to your needs, communicating with you using a personalized approach to help you understand your rights and options. 

Legal separation

Virtually all of the same legal issues as a divorce, except that the relationship status becomes that of a legally separated person instead of single.

Uncontested divorce

When both parties agree on all issues and terms of their dissolution of marriage and wish to memorialize it in the form of a default judgment.

Contested Divorce

If spouses are unable to agree on some or all issues, then a judge will decide the issues after receiving tesimtony and evidence.

Public Figures and High-Profile Individuals Considering Divorce

Getting a divorce can be a simple or difficult process. The complexity varies from case to case, depending on factors specific to each one.

Public figures and high-profile individuals frequently have additional interests and concerns when going through the process of a divorce. Privacy, timing, and sophistication are among the top priorities in these situations.

Being aware of these uniquely personal aspects is useful for navigating through the process.

Mediated divorce

A form of alternative dispute resolution where spouses engage the professional assistance of a neutral mediator to help reach resolutions.

Dissolution of Domestic Partnership

A divorce for RDPs with the same legal issues as a dissolution of marriage and resulting in a relationship status of single.


A determination that the marriage was void or voidable and legally treated like it never existed, with some exceptions for putative spouses.

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